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Impossible objects & designs…

Designers have been playing with our visual understanding for years… creating impossible objects or representations that contradict the observable reality.

impossible - unlikely
Giuseppe Colarusso

Improbabilità è il titolo di un’originale ricerca dove gli oggetti varcano i confini del reale…

Eugenio Martorelli

Many more designs like this one.

Impossible object

This type of optical illusion consists of a two-dimensional figure which is instantly and subconsciously interpreted by the visual system as representing a projection of a three-dimensional object although it is not actually possible for such an object to exist (at least not in the form interpreted by the visual system).

In most cases the impossibility becomes apparent after viewing the figure for a few seconds. However, the initial impression of a 3D object remains even after it has been contradicted.

See example in header image…

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