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Tangerine Dream

The early years

Tangerine Dream are a electronic music group founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese (1944 ‚Äď 2015).

Their early albums had a pivotal role in the development of Krautrock. The records Phaedra, Rubycon and Ricochet helped define what became known as the Berlin School of electronic music. These and later albums were influential in the development of electronic dance music. A substantial number of their fans were introduced to Tangerine Dream by their film soundtracks, which total over sixty […].

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The group has seen many personnel changes over the years, with Froese having been the only continuous member until his death in January 2015. Since then, the group has been under a new leadership.


With over one hundred albums released over 5 decades, there’s a lot to listen to in their discography… To be franck, I mainly listened to the albums before 1980…

Stratosfear (1976) is probably the one I loved the most…


Sorcerer is the 9th major release and first soundtrack album released by Tangerine Dream, in 1977.

Never saw the movie, but spent countless hours listening to the full OST, on vinyl, at night…


Sorcerer is a 1977 American movie directed and produced by William Friedkin with Roy Scheider & Bruno Cremer, adaptated from the French novel Le Salaire de la peur, considered a remake of the 1953 version with Yves Montand & Charles Vanel.

When an oil well owned by an American company catches fire, the company hires four European men, down on their luck, to drive two trucks over mountain dirt roads, loaded with nitroglycerine needed to extinguish the flames.

Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer


Their early drummer (1969 ‚Äď 1970), Klaus Schulze (1947 ‚Äď 2022) died this week. He was a German electronic music pioneer, composer and musician.

For Barry Graves – Live 1977

See also Zero Gravity with Jean-Michel Jarre.

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