Real World – Magic week in 1991 (documentary)

Real World Recorded is a documentary on a magic week where 70+ artists from 20+ countries gathered together in 1991 in England to work & record. Fascinating…

Launched in 1989, Real World Records has grown into a label of wide-ranging, world-class music from all corners of the globe. Whilst there is a tendency for people to pull together this diverse range of releases under the banner « world music », the reality of the Real World output extends beyond this categorization. Great music is created irrespective of the nationality of artists. Many of the most exciting sounds that on the label are the result of collaborations between musicians from many different countries.

When Real World Studios threw open its doors for one week to 75 international artists and producers from over 20 countries. Not only were several albums by individual artists recorded, but also the accumulation of so many creative minds in one place inevitably led to the start of exciting new musical dialogues. Musicians as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Ayub Ogada, Joji Hirota and producers such as Phil Ramone, Michael Brook and Pol Brennan came together in the village of Box, and this documentary is the story of this one extraordinary week.

real world records (logo)

Photography credit: York Tillyer