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The history of Typography

This is a wonderful video that takes us on a cool trip through the history of typography, from Gutenberg’s printing press to the modern age.

An animated short like this one is made of 2,454 photographs, 291 letters, and 140 hours of work!

History of typography
History of typography – timeline

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In typography, Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. More info.

Take the kerning test.

Design, art, etc

Amazing Enchanting Typography

From the times of Gutenberg‘s printing press to today digital art, designers and artists have used typography as a mean to create amazing enchanting works.

Paper Typography

Great typography artworks made by Sabeena Karnik, a designer from Mumbai, India. Some really impressive paper works.

Full alphabet

Read Your Book Case

amazing enchanting typography - furniture

ABC Bookcase by Eva Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti

Alphabetical by Dan Tobin Smith

Dan Tobin Smith is photographer specialising in installation and still life photography.

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Do you have other examples of amazing enchanting creations around Typography? Please share below.