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Steampunk insects

Steampunk insects « updated » with wristwatches and stopwatches parts…

Steampunk insects - Hopper

Insect Lab started 20 years ago from my love of science fiction, science fact, natural history and storytelling.  A sculptural series customizing preserved insect specimens with handmade and mechanical hardware from watches, sewing machines, old gadgets, lighters, typewriters, etc. Each handmade work is a unique celebration of biology and engineering and design.

Mike Libby


Dragonfly in progress
Dragonfly in progress

If you like bees and wasps, you shouldn’t meet this one

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Recycled saxophones

A Steampunk motorcycle made of recycled saxophones by Monty.

Steampunk bike with recycled saxophones

I am an assemblage sculptor dedicated to enjoying what I do.
I feel fortunate to have gotten this far.

Monty Monty Art

More recycled instruments