Birth of « Sympathy for the Devil »

Sympathy for the Devil (originally titled One Plus One or 1 + 1 by the film director and distributed under that title in Europe) is a 1968 film shot mostly in color by director Jean-Luc Godard.

Composing the film’s main narrative thread are several long, uninterrupted shots of The Rolling Stones in a sound studio, recording and rerecording various parts to « Sympathy for the Devil. »

Interwoven through the movie are outdoor shots of Black Panthers milling about in a junkyard littered with rusting cars heaped upon each other. They read from revolutionary texts (including Amiri Baraka and Eldridge Cleaver) […]

The rest of the film contains a political message in the form of a voiceover about Marxism, the need for revolution and other topics in which Godard was interested.


The chaos of 1968 is made clear in the film too!


Rolling Stones mug in B&W – #NSFW

This Rolling Stones’ « Classic Lips » mug makes a nice visual effect in the photo.

photo - coffee - rolling stones mug - black & white