Independent mind…

« The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks. »

Christopher Hitchens - independent mind
Christopher Hitchens

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.

― Bob Marley
bob marley

Inevitably it follows that anyone with an independent mind must become ‘one who resists or opposes an authority or established convention’: a rebel. …And if enough people come to agree with—and follow—the REBEL, we now have a DEVIL. Until, of course, still more people agree. And then, finally, we have … GREATNESS.

― Nicholas Tharcher

Critical thinking is the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking, to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe.

With critical thinking, you don’t simply accept all arguments and conclusions you are exposed to, but prefer to question such arguments and conclusions.

Independent mind skills

  1. Read a lot & analyze everything
  2. Listen & communicate
  3. Be creative
  4. Be open-minded
  5. Solve problems

And I would add: be curious, always!

Someone with critical thinking skills is able to explore the logical connections between ideas and « see beyond »…

Citation Music

Zappa, quotes & music

All you need is Music by Frank Zappa…

Without DEVIATION from the NORM,

Frank Zappa live in Paris – 1980

If you have 2 free hours (or good headphones/speakers while you do something else), here’s Frank Zappa live in Paris…

Zappa was known to record most of his live shows on video (and yes, there are many bootlegs too…). Ahead of his time…

Music is the Best

Zappa - Music is the best

Information is not Knowledge.
Knowledge is not Wisdom.
Wisdom is not Truth.
Truth is not Beauty.
Beauty is not Love.
Love is not Music.
Music is the Best.

Orchestral « Peaches en Regalia »

Inca Roads

Inca Roads (A Token Of His Extreme)

Recorded on August 27, 1974 at KCET in Hollywood, A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME features Frank Zappa with five incredibly talented band members for this extravaganza of live music.

The line-up consists of Frank Zappa—guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke—keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock—sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood—percussion; Tom Fowler—bass; Chester Thompson—drums.

« This was put together with my own money and my own time and it’s been offered to television networks and to syndication and it has been steadfastly rejected by the American television industry. It has been shown in primetime in France and Switzerland, with marvelous results. It’s probably one of the finest pieces of video work that any human being has ever done. I did it myself. And the animation that you’re gonna see in this was done by a guy named Bruce Bickford, and I hope he is watching the show, because it’s probably the first time that a lot of people in America got a chance to see it. »

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