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Blondie, Queen of Punk?

Was Deborah Harry, aka Blondie, the most beautiful Punk ever?

Was she punk? Was Blondie punk? With her two-toned bleached-blonde hair, the front woman of new wave band Blondie is the ultimate 70s icon.

“She’s unique: certainly one of the most creative people that I’ve worked with, which probably comes from the Andy Warhol influence and her New York background. She’s endlessly drawing inspiration from those around her and twisting their looks to work for her.”

Brian Aris
Hanging on the Telephone – live
Heart of Glass
Debbie Harry (Blondie) in Andy Warhol's Bad T-Shirt, Old Street Studio, London
Picture: © Brian Aris, 1979

Debbie Harry: Queen of Punk – Photos by Brian Aris

Music Education

The B-52s

The B-52s exploded onto the American music scene in 1978.
They helped change the music scene from Hard Rock music and Disco to Post-Punk & New Wave. They were a prelude to the ’80s.

Rock Lobster
Love Shack
Private Idaho
Planet Claire