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Designed by Robert Majkut, Whaletone is an advanced digital stage piano that combines high-end musical components with the exquisite beauty of form – spectacular yet elegant, monumental, yet dynamic.

It is an interpretation of the shape of a classic grand piano in the language of modern design. Inspired by the majestic beauty of marine mammals, it is a unique fusion of greatness and subtlety.

A real breakthrough, designed for both stage and private performances, fully bespoke, Whaletone by Robert Majkut was created to meet the requirements of both music and design lovers. It’s a dream of excellence that came true.

Awards by Roland (2015)

Amber Unleashed - Rebekah Winegarner

Winners/awards of the Roland Corporation Digital Piano Design Awards

Beautiful Lego Grand Piano

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Music Education

Thelonious Monk – Don’t blame me

« Don’t blame me » is part of Criss-Cross in 1963. This album is Thelonious Monk‘s critically acclaimed 2nd studio release for Columbia Records.

It’s a cover of a popular song from 1933.


Hiromi Uehara

Hiromi (Uehara) is a talented Japanese pianist and composer. Her latest piano solo album « Spectrum » was released in late 2019.

“I don’t want to put a name on my music. Other people can put a name on what I do. It’s just the union of what I’ve been listening to and what I’ve been learning. It has some elements of classical music, it has some rock, it has some jazz, but I don’t need to give it a name.”

– Hiromi
hiromi - piano

I discovered the most entertaining pianist I’ve ever seen through this famous video.

Hiromi – The Tom and Jerry Show

Hiromi is fast, and talented as many Japanese musicians are, in particular in Jazz music. She’s a great composer « with a creative energy that encompasses and eclipses the boundaries of jazz, classical and pop parameters, taking improvisation and composition to new heights of complexity and sophistication. »

Return of Kung-Fu World Champion

Hiromi Uehara « Trio Project » – Warrior

Live @ Getxo Jazz 2014

Mr C.C. from Spectrum (2019)

Cover of the Beatles’ Blackbird

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