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Vawulence (n)

Vawulence is Nigerian slang for violence, used in memes (many associated with Pepe the Frog) regarding people who cause or are about to cause problems.

According to the US Anti Defamation League,
Pepe the Frog is a “hate symbol” and
Pepe memes are used by white-supremacists.

Violence aka Vawulence, with Pepe the Frog
Vawulence meme with Pepe

If someone uses the word “vawulence”, it usually means they are about to cause trouble in an aggressive way. Some wicked attacks on social networks are known to be full of pure unadulterated vitriol…

Using the word “comrade” to designate others seems to be part of the meme too. Someone even built an app to help you transform your own photos: “Create your own comrade meme with ease!” “Peaceful vawulence has never been this easy!“…

Used a lot on social media platforms, such as Naija Twitter in 2022, probably because of elections to come, but football is a playground to find targets too.

If you have a better definition or know why “comrade” is used in relation to this meme, please comment below.

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