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Kraftwerk – Radio-Activity

Mid seventies, I bought the Radio-Activity single (45T) and received the Autobahn LP, directly from my German penfriend for my birthday…

I fell in love instantly with this music…

Here’s some Kraftwerk’s Nostalgia….

Radio-Activity playlist

After the 1975 Autobahn tour, Kraftwerk began work on a follow-up album, Radio-Activity (German title: Radio-AktivitÀt). After further investment in new equipment, their Kling Klang Studio became a fully working recording studio.


Kraftwerk live

4 years before « Autobahn » (RIP Florian Schneider)

See also: live @ RockPalast

CybearSonic Music Education

Kraftwerk live @ RockPalast

Amazing on so many levels. Watch a 48-minute Kraftwerk concert from 1970 at the « carussel of the youth ». It is the earliest existing concert video of these electronic pioneers. The band was just created this year and could be seen in the original setup.

Kraftwerk live 1970