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Unkeyboardinated (adj)

Unkeyboardinated (adj): When you’re unable to type without repeatedly making mistakes. Lacking physical or mental keyboard coordination.

There are many fun words from Urban Dictionary, designed by Daniel Dalton (from BuzzFeed) a few years ago, but I really like this one, as it is extremely “visual”.

Many of the “new” words are portmanteaus, built by fusing at least two existing words together), and some are pure inventions like this one.

Now that the world is digital, mistakes are easy to edit. Many years ago, when I started teaching how to use electronic typemachines, it was sometimes really painful to watch users move from their electric (rarely mechanical at the time) typewriters and try to adapt to new ways of doing things…

Xerox 645s Memorywriter Typewriter

If the word “unkeyboardinated” had been part of my vocabulary at the time, I would have used it a lot, keeping it for myself of course…

this kind of typewriter is not for the unkeyboardinated

I can apply it to myself too, if the following definition is used, instead of the previous one: “When one just sucks at typing fast, resulting in so many typos once they look up at what they typed.”

The original post (empty now, unfortunately) had the following title “27 Brilliant Words You Didn’t Know You NeededEntirely eglaf and utterly unlightening“. It was published on 1 Apr 2015.
I won’t tell you what eglaf means…