Gerry Rafferty – Rest in Blue…

January 4, 2011 – Gerry Rafferty (The Humblebums, Stealers Wheel, solo) died at his daughter Martha’s home in Stroud, Gloucestershire, of liver failure.

Gerry Rafferty - Rest in Blue

Posthumous album, produced by his daughter Martha.

From 2006, Gerry started work on a new album on and off, but sadly passed away in 2011. His daughter, Martha Rafferty, sought to complete a project started by father, culminating in Rest In Blue. Many of the demos left by Gerry included multiple layers of synths, which Martha stripped back to showcase his immense vocal ability. The result is an album brimming with raw emotion, and a quintessential collection of blues, rock, and folk. Some of the demos date back as far as 1970, many of which Rafferty had singled out as potential tracks for his new album.

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Rest In Blue called upon many musicians that had worked closely with Gerry Rafferty throughout his career. One of which is guitarist Hugh Burns, who played on a vast amount of Rafferty’s catalogue, including the powerful guitar solo on Baker Street.

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