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The Nautilus

L’architecture organique est une philosophie architecturale qui s’intéresse à l’harmonie entre l’habitat humain et le monde « naturel » au moyen d’une approche conceptuelle à l’écoute de son site et cherchant à s’y intégrer, faisant du bâtiment et de son mobilier une composition unifiée et intriquée à son environnement.


The Nautilus

The plan of the house is a logarithmic spiral whose shape is adapted to the lot on which it is built. The preliminary work with the model involved numerous changes until the right volume was found.

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Marcello Barenghi – Italian hyper-realistic illustrator

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Joe Satriani’s « Chrome Boy » Guitar

Fanart  for Joe Satriani’s music… (2016)

For this week’s featured fan art, we have something out of the ordinary! This amazing video is from long-time Joe Satriani fan, Steven Lyttle.
He long pictured this breathtaking visual to Joe’s classic song “Flying In A Blue Dream” and after a few months of modeling, animating, and rendering he brought us this mind-blowing video to share with everyone.
Joe was blown away and will be including elements of it in the 2016 North American Surfing to Shockwave Tour.