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Bathroom & bathtub design

OK, I know, the header image is not of a bathroom, nor bathtub… It’s a small pool design for a small backyard. And I really need a break in such a place…

Or I could use this soothing bathroom…

Bathtub & bathroom

Let’s go back to the main subject…

Beautiful idea…

Crystal Rock by Baldi

By Thomas Linssen

Wooden bathtub

By Mitja Narobe

There’s something so satisfying about making something out of wood.

And how to built it…

Double bathtub

Uses too much water IMHO…


And as a previously posted comment (on Google+) said: « This tub isn’t designed for fun, takes all the fun out of tub play. » (don’t think it meant this…)

Design, art, etc

Tub play!

Even baby sea dragon needs to be occupied during bath time. 

bath time for baby sea dragon

« Bath Time » by Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera (aka imaginism)

Design, art, etc

271 years before Pantone…

In 1692, 271 years before Pantone (first Color Guide in 1963), a Dutch artist known only as A. Boogert, created the most comprehensive guide to paint with water color for this « medieval » time: 800 handwritten and painted pages.

271 years before Pantone...

More info or see full book online.

Pantone Fashion

Pantone fashion

Graphic Design by Marisa Gallén

Graphic Design by Marisa Gallén

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