Design, art, etc

Recycling computer keys

What do you do with old keyboards and plenty of computer keys? Just recycle them into designs or art, as shown here.

Horse by Babis Cloud

HedonIsM(y) Trojaner

More: Artist’s website. There’s a bra (or top) too, but don’t know if it’s Babis Pangiotidis’ work…

Keybag by JoĂŁo Sabino

Computer keys - bag

Appeared at the MoMa store in 2004.

More recycling: here, here or here.

Design, art, etc

A beautiful Mother Book

The Mother Book was created by ad agency Dentsu in partnership with Kishokai Medical Corp. Each page allows the mother to make note of memories and emotions.

The Mother Book is a pregnancy diary. It mirrors the 40 weeks spent nurturing a baby inside the mother’s womb.

40 weeks – 40 pages for explaining & keeping memories of pregnancy.

Through its elaborated design, this handcrafted book reveals the changing shape of a woman’s body with the help of topographical cutouts.

Mother book animated

The book won several design awards, including a Clio Award and the first-ever Health and Wellness Grand Prix at the 2014 inaugural Cannes Lions Health Festival.