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The Wailing Souls, sweet roots Reggae…

Enregistré en tant que single en 1971, « Mr Fire Coal Man » est ensuite intégré à la sortie du 1er album des Wailing Souls en 1975.

Consistently active since 1968, the Wailing Souls are the consummate roots reggae band, evolving into a more and more foundational force as the years went on. The Wailing Souls grew alongside Jamaican music, beginning with the rise of ska in the early ’60s, standing alongside peers like the Wailers in the ’70s and ’80s heyday of reggae, and continuing to be an immensely popular live act through various changes of the face of reggae culture. They continued to record and perform into new generations, still exploring new approaches to roots reggae on albums like 2020’s Back a Yard.

Biography by Jo-Ann Greene

Et comme on connait le lien fort entre le Punk et le Reggae (cf. Bob Marley), voici une reprise par le groupe nord-irlandais Stiff Little Fingers.

Cover by Stiff Little Fingers
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The Monkees – I’m a (daydream) believer

« I’m a Believer » is a song composed by Neil Diamond and recorded by The Monkees in 1966. It became the biggest-selling record for all of 1967.

I’m a believer
Daydream believer

Shrek 2001 – Now I’m a believer


Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments

Enregistré en février 1961, l’album The Blues and the Abstract Truth qui débute par Stolen Moments, morceau le plus connu, a donc fêté ses 60 ans il y a peu.

  • Oliver Nelson : Saxophone alto, saxophone tenor
  • Freddie Hubbard : trompette
  • Eric Dolphy : saxophone alto, flute
  • George Barrow : saxophone baryton
  • Bill Evans : piano
  • Paul Chambers : contrebasse
  • Roy Haynes : batterie

C’est un tel classique qu’il a été maintes fois repris, dont cette version par Franck Zappa et Sting (live).

Chicago: Auditorium Theatre, March 3, 1988. Frank Zappa runs into Sting before his concert. They meet, and Zappa asks if he’d like to do a song with the band. A couple hours later, this awesomeness happened. Zappa’s 12-piece pocket big band tears off a fat, brassy cover of Oliver Nelson’s classic minor blues « Stolen Moments, » and after a great trumpet solo by Walt Fowler, FZ introduces Sting […]

Ou encore, la cover Drum&Bass de United Future Organization