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Milk ‘n’ Cookie

Ok, it’s not really coffee, but it’s time for a break… What about some milk and cookie(s)…

Here’s a nice cinemagraph (animated gif) for your visual pleasure…

milk - cookie - cinemagraph


BTW, Milk ‘N’ Cookies was an American power pop and proto-punk band from Long Island, New York, active during the 1970s.
More info.

Milk ‘N’ Cookies – Full album

Header image: « Milk’s best friend » by Oreo, from the post Creative ads.

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Coffeetime @ Musée du Louvre?

morning - coffee - Louvre

And yes, there’s a Starbucks at MusĂ©e du Louvre!

More from le Louvre (could be NSFW), one of my best posts (« Joie de vivre »), when Google+ was a thing… The picture is an example of the complexity of content moderation.