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Got my Mojo working

« Got My Mojo Working » is a blues song written by Preston « Red » Foster and first recorded by Ann Cole in 1956.
Muddy Waters popularized it in 1957 and the song was a feature of his performances throughout his career. It was covered by many (Gator) Blues artists.

A mojo is an amulet or talisman (or magical power) associated with Hoodoo, an early African-American folk-magic belief system, (see also Voodoo or Vaudoun).

If in Ann Cole’s original version, the mojo can be used by women, in Waters’ later cover the mojo’s male possessor uses it clearly to gain sexual power over women.

Ann Cole
Muddy Waters Live
Etta James
Jimmy Smith Live
BB King Live

There are many more covers: Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley

I got my Mojo working
Original Lyric by Preston Foster

I want to love you so till I don't know what to do
I got my black cat bones all pure and dry
I got my 4 leaf clovers all hanging high
I got my Mojo working but it just won't work on you
I want to love you so till I don't know what to do

And to conclude, here’s a Jazz version…

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

« Sugar Chile » Robinson, piano prodigy

« Sugar Chile » Robinson was born Frank Isaac Robinson in 1938 in Detroit. A child prodigy at the age of two, he worked with Lionel Hampton and Frankie Carle (both master pianists themselves) and performed for President Truman at age seven.

He appeared in the movie « No Leave, No Love » and scored two R&B hits in 1949, including « Caldonia ».

He stopped recording in 1952 to concentrate on academics.

With Count Basie


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Henri Salvador + Ray Charles – Le Blues du Dentiste

2 giants on stage in 1996: So goooood! Ray Charles with Henri Salvador, live… Magic!

What he said, what he said!

Original song, music by Mr Q, Quincy Jones (1958) : Henri Salvador et Quincy Jones  » Blouse du dentiste « 

Source photo : SIPA