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Against torture

Images from a 2014 communication campaign launched in Belgium by Amnesty International (FR) against torture.

The message was « under torture, you’ll tell anything you’re asked to  »

Iggy Pop against torture

Iggy Pop‘s image against torture: « The future of Rock’n’Roll is Justin Bieber. »

There’s a Karl Lagerfeld version too and a few parodies… You can find them on Google if needed…

The DalaĂŻ Lama’s image, stating that “a man who doesn’t own a Rolex watch when 50yo is a loser” created some controversy and was removed from the active campaign.

Au dĂ©but de la campagne, l’une des affiches faisait appel Ă  une image du HH DalaĂŻ Lama, image qui a trĂšs largement circulĂ© sur internet. Bien qu’elle ne visait en rien celui-ci, bien au contraire, elle a fortement heurtĂ© un certain nombre de croyants. Elle fut retirĂ©e des supports digitaux afin de ne pas heurter ces personnes et distraire l’attention du public du vrai objectif de cette campagne : dĂ©noncer la torture.

Read the comments below for some perspective on the subject…

Music Education

Chakachas – Eso Es El Amor

The Chakachas were a Belgian based group of Latin Soul studio musicians. Also known as Les/Los/The Chakachas, they were formed by bandleader Gaston Bogaert, ex-Los Juano Boengs and The Continentals, percussion (conga and tumba); Tito Puente’s singer wife Kari Kenton, vocals and maracas; Vic Ingeveldt (a Dutchman from Liege), saxophone; Charlie Lots, trumpet; Christian Marc, piano; Henri Breyre, guitar and backing vocals; and Bill Raymond, bass guitar. All were native to Schaarbeek (a district of Brussels), or nearby Charleroi, Willebroek and Liege.

chakachas - eso es el amor

I owned this vinyl… Don’t know where it is now…