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Senufo horse & rider

Senufo horse and rider

The name Senufo (Senoufo) covers a cultural and linguistic area across 3 countries: Mali, Burkina Faso and mainly Cote d’Ivoire. They are famous for their handicrafts, featuring cultural and religious (mostly animist) themes.

Pablo Picasso was inspired by the Senufo designs.

Design, art, etc

Mirror Fence by Alyson Shotz (2003)

Alors que le débat sur le « mur » continue à être intensif aux USA, peut-être que cette solution pourrait convenir…

Mirror Fence - Alyson Shotz (2003)
Mirror Fence
Permanent Installation at Storm King Art center, New Windsor, NY

Photo : Jerry L. Thompson

Design, art, etc

Yayoi Kusama’s interactive Obliteration Room

Yayoi Kusama’s interactive Obliteration Room (2012) begins as an entirely white space, furnished as a monochrome living room, which people are then invited to ‘obliterate’ with multi-coloured stickers.
It was first conceived as a project for children, and was first staged at the Queensland Art Gallery in 2002.

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Design or Art? Both, with the welcome interaction of real people in the creative process.

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