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Living “outside”…

An awesome place, don’t you think?

awesome place - miniature model decks

Real? Not real? This looks like THE place to have a wedding party…

Check the post or comments to discover the truth…

Real or not?

OK, now’s the time to tell you the truth: this isn’t a real place… it’s an 1/12th scale miniature model for a marketing campaign…

MNFX is a design studio that specializes in creating custom props, models and FX. As part of a marketing campaign for Trex Decking & Railing, MNFX created these incredible miniature model decks at a scale of 1:12. The coolest part is that the decks were made using actual Trex decking materials!

All photos by Shawn Michienzi

It then means, unfortunately, that you can’t have your wedding there!!!

miniature model decks

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