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Music Memories – 3

From time to time, I browse through my music memories… I was an avid radio listener in the 70s. Had my own record player too, but the Soul, RnB… songs and Motown sounds were my friends when working at home for school…

The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye (1976)
Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing (1976)
Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now (1972)
Billy Paul – Me and Mrs. Jones (1972)
The Tony Hiller Orchestra – Where The Rainbow Ends (1968)
Azymuth – Jazz Carnival (1979)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (1982)
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (1982)

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Music Education

I am the Walrus!

September 11, 1967 – Filming began for The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. Famous songs like « The Fool on the Hill » or « I am the Walrus » are of course part of the show…

December 26, 1967The Beatles film, « Magical Mystery Tour, » premiered on BBC-TV.

Magical Mistery Tour (filming the Walrus)

Shot in color but broadcast in black-and-white, the show was confusing and a disappointment to fans and reviewers. A Daily Express critic wrote that he had never seen « such blatant rubbish. » A planned U.S. airing was soon cancelled.

Songs in order of their use in the movie

  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • The Fool on the Hill
  • She Loves You (played during the marathon with a carnival-style organ)
  • Flying
  • All My Loving (orchestrated, as background music)
  • I Am the Walrus
  • Jessie’s Dream (instrumental piece, not released on any audio recording)
  • Blue Jay Way
  • Death Cab for Cutie (performed by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)
  • Your Mother Should Know
  • Magical Mystery Tour (part)
  • Hello, Goodbye (part, finale played over end credits)

I am the Walrus…

Les paroles de la chanson, écrite par John Lennon, sont une forme de réponse face à tous ceux qui cherch(ai)ent à trouver des sens profonds dans les textes des Beatles. Le titre fait référence à un poème de Lewis Carroll, « The Walrus and the Carpenter ».