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Genesis – A Trick of the Tail

L’album A Trick of the Tail, 7ème album studio de Genesis et le premier sans Peter Gabriel, est sorti il y a 45 ans, en 1976.

Phil Collins y assure pour la première fois la partie vocale, en plus d’être le batteur…

La chanson éponyme « A Trick of the Tail » est la première du groupe à avoir une vidéo promotionnelle.

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Yiri Yiri Bom – covers and Gnonnas Pedro

I live in Benin, where the famous singer Gnonnas Pedro lived. He made his version of this song quite famous, by delivering a great cover of it (see end of post).
Disclaimer: I tried to launch a local Tribute Band with one of his sons, Gilles Gnonnas, a few years ago…

This song was composed by Silvestre Méndez (1926-1997)

Benny Moré (original)

Brésil – Filhos de Jorge

Ska Cubano – Dancehall Mix

Live version by Eliades Ochoa

Gnonnas Pedro – Yiri Yiri Boum

Tribute Band with Gilles Gnonnas
Music Education

Chakachas – Eso Es El Amor

The Chakachas were a Belgian based group of Latin Soul studio musicians. Also known as Les/Los/The Chakachas, they were formed by bandleader Gaston Bogaert, ex-Los Juano Boengs and The Continentals, percussion (conga and tumba); Tito Puente’s singer wife Kari Kenton, vocals and maracas; Vic Ingeveldt (a Dutchman from Liege), saxophone; Charlie Lots, trumpet; Christian Marc, piano; Henri Breyre, guitar and backing vocals; and Bill Raymond, bass guitar. All were native to Schaarbeek (a district of Brussels), or nearby Charleroi, Willebroek and Liege.

chakachas - eso es el amor

I owned this vinyl… Don’t know where it is now…