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“Screw :)” by Studio Yuma Kano

“The smile screw is more than just an ordinary screw; it is a product that can bring joy.”

Réinventer la vis, ce n’est pas forcément réinventer la roue, mais essayer de lui donner du sens “en plus”, voire un moyen de créer de l’émotion par la découverte d’un objet insolite là où il n’est pas normalement attendu.

Smile screw - studio Yuma Kano

Projet collaboratif du studio Yuma Kano de Tokyo avec Komuro Industry, une usine d’East Osaka, Japon.

Depuis 2016, le projet est devenu participatif, en permettant de photographier l’utilisation de ces vis, tant par ceux qui les utilisent que ceux qui les découvrent. En savoir plus (EN).

screw 😉 project

Ever since its invention, the screw hasn’t changed its style and function. Actually it’s never needed to change at all.
They are used everywhere but are easily overlooked. This time, I focused on them.
Not only can it be used as a tool, but by adding the joy of discovery, the concept of the design is the enjoyment of sharing the joy of discovering small surprises with others. Imagine the smile on the face of a person when they discover these screws, and then imagine a place where someone would use them.

Design Release Date : 03/2014
Art Direction / Design : Yuma Kano
Material : Steel , Epoxy Resin

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