Remembering Don Cornelius

Watch the documentary below, as it’s really worth the time you’ll spend on the Soul Train phenomenon and the story of this “Godfather” of black music, Donald Cortez “Don” Cornelius (Sept 27 1936 – Feb 1, 2012).

Soul Train – The Hippest Trip in America

Soul Train was one of the most important trend setters in pop music and dance during its run from 1971 to 2006 featuring many stars. Billing itself as the “longest-running, first-run, nationally syndicated program in television history”, it was hosted until 1993 by the deep-voiced Don Cornelius, who began his career as a radio disc jockey and reporter, and typically ended the show with the tagline “we wish you love, peace and soul.”

James Brown live on Soul Train.

Soul Train Flash mob in NYC

I discovered the show mainly through snippets in various TV programs on French television, and of course on YouTube as soon as I could get access to it… But it’s always been in my mind, as most of the 70s music I still listen to today (Motown or Pop and Psychedelic music).

I can’t imagine how great it has been, being young during these times and watching Don Cornelius and the artists performing every week…

Peace, Love, and Soul!

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