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Rare & lost Pink Floyd tracks

Jazz violonist S. Grappelli jamming on « Wish You Were Here » and Clare Torry live on « The Great Gig In The Sky ».

OK, these 2 rare or lost Pink Floyd tracks have been floating around for some time.
I put them together in a blog post 😉 !


Violinist Grappelli found on « lost » Pink Floyd track

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Rare video of Clare Torry singing “Great Gig in the Sky” with Pink Floyd

Live at Knebworth 1990

« Clare Torry didn’t really look the part. She was Alan Parsons’ idea. We wanted to put a girl on there, screaming orgasmically. Alan had worked with her previously, so we gave her a try. And she was fantastic. We had to encourage her a little bit. We gave her some dynamic hints: « Maybe you’d like to do this piece quietly, and this piece louder. » She did maybe half a dozen takes, and then afterwards we compiled the final performance out of all the bits. It wasn’t done in one single take. »

David Gilmour (during a 30th anniversary interview)

Pink Floyd play ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ with original vocalist Clare Torry

She only became aware her vocals were used when she spotted her name in the credits on the album at a local record store, and purchased it.

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