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Queen, they did rock us!

Queen, at least the band’s music and songs, was really part of my life as a teenager, living in a small city… New albums were always a huge pleasure to listen to for the first time, and then over and over…

We Will Rock You, and the whole News of the World album in 1977, did give me so much “rebel” energy when it was really needed. Could have been Punk, but this would have been quite risky at home…

Queen - News of the World

In 1977, punk rock acts, most notably the Sex Pistols, sparked massive backlash against progressive rock artists such as Queen, to which the band responded by simplifying their symphonic rock sound and gearing towards a more spontaneous hard rock sound.

Queen - We will rock you

Queen – Days of our Lives (2011)

Watched this BBC documentary on Queen multiple times…

RIP Freddie, you live in our hearts…

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