People in Need Campaign By Cordaid (2013)

Cordaid, a relief and development organization based in the Netherlands, launched this ad campaign in 2013.

The advertisement shows underprivileged people holding expensive items in opposition to their fundamental needs (home, food, water…) or as a contrast to the small amount of money that, e.g., a woman would need to access clean water.

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Any initiative to eliminate poverty is a good start.

The better thing however, would be to eliminate most of the ruling class, ESPECIALLY in Africa, as they are the real cause of Africa’s suffering.

Mostly agreed Edwin Spiessens – the question being whose interests does this ruling class, usually occupying the place for a long time, serve? Themselves, yes partly, through short term political views, but mainly serving alien objectives put in place by/through other countries and/or big corporations. Bribery & corruption are not endemic in Africa only, it’s a synonym of free market capitalism aka neoliberalism.

Then the reform has to be a revolution, to change the whole system… and as quickly as possible, because the clock is running fast: the corpocracy is already destroying the planet at a fast pace and wants to ruin what’s left in a few years time, for a few more dollars (think petrol vs climate, agriculture vs GMOs + pesticides and so on…).

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