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Living « outside »… awesome « place »

Real? Not real? This looks like an awesome place to have a wedding party… Check the post or comments to discover the truth…

Credit: mnfx

Update: check the comment I posted below…

OK, now’s the time to tell you the truth: this isn’t a real place… it’s an 1/12th scale miniature model for a marketing campaign…


And NO, you can’t have your wedding here!!!

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Didier J. MARY Agreed! There are so many great spots designed into this wonderful outdoor space. Other then the Niagara Gorge close by our landscape here is flat, oh to have this terrain.

Nice pic. (seriously)

I find it really interesting how pics like these propagate across the net. Out of curiosity, did you pick it up from Reddit? I saw it there maybe two weeks ago. It’s just funny how you’ll see this stuff bouncing between sites.

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