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Kraftwerk – Radio-Activity

Mid seventies, I bought the Radio-Activity single (45T) and received the Autobahn LP, directly from my German penfriend for my birthday…

I fell in love instantly with this music…

Here’s some Kraftwerk’s Nostalgia….

Radio-Activity playlist

After the 1975 Autobahn tour, Kraftwerk began work on a follow-up album, Radio-Activity (German title: Radio-Aktivität). After further investment in new equipment, their Kling Klang Studio became a fully working recording studio.


Kraftwerk live

4 years before « Autobahn » (RIP Florian Schneider)

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I’m always impressed by the right choice of each electronic sound. Almost perfect in the context of each piece. Being a composer I know how hard it is, even the smallest sound most of people does not hear is perfect. There is still lot to learn hearing Kraftwerk.

Although I work with musicians, and part of my job is to book them for live concerts, for music I listened for hours, I don’t like live versions… And specifically in this case (I watched the video earlier), 4 guys hidden behind computers on stage, who don’t move is really the kind of stuff that would make me run to the front door… 😉

I agree their static acting is not the best one can imagine for a show, I can understand you point of view. I like their aesthetic but it is not a « show »; There’s a live where the  entire piece « the robots » is played with 4 dummies having very slow movements. It is a bad choice.

But Kraftwerk lives are always interesting on the music side because they are introducing small changes or new breaks and I love them 🙂

Didier J. MARY sorry but the whole point of kraftwerk is that its is about the computers making the music the whole concept of kraftwerk is that it is meant to be static and robotic they are not a rock band 

Ben Wilson I think you  misunderstood Karftwerk message and motivation. There were not looking for robotic music not trying to be static. They shown the beauty that was hidden in our modern industrial environment and also told us what was wrong too. Kraftwerk music is a criticism of 70′ and early 80′. They used mechanic rhythms and musical constructions to picture our slavery state, not as a way to promote it… 

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