Now is a page (like the about or contact ones) , where I describe what I’m doing/working on « now »…

(Update: 09/22/2020)

tl;dr – I left France in 2016 (after a burnout and a depression) and am now living near Cotonou in Benin, a country I started visiting in 2009 to produce music (Brass Bands mainly). When I moved 4 years ago, I stopped working in the « musicbiz », and started evaluating new business opportunities with my Beninese wife. When she died last year, I went back to my consulting job, but towards Francophone Africa mainly.

Future is now


Abomey-Calavi, Bénin Rep.

Professional title

Independant Consultant / Freelance

What do you do?

Help African businesses and startups in Change Management & Digital Transformation. Remotely during this pandemic, of course…

Need help? Contact me here.


Updating this blog, trying to write, listening to African Music
Cooking (you should try my « Beninese pizza » with Peulh cheese aka wagachi!) and fighting Malaria from times to times…

And right now?

  • 2 new blog posts in French, part 1 & part 2, about digital transformation management in Africa: « Réaligner le développement digital de l’Afrique sur ses besoins réels »
  • Trying to finish a long blog post on the future we’re heading to post-COVID19.
  • Did many posts on my Music Education
  • Updating the African Music Forum when I find music I feel…
  • Looking for new opportunities in Bénin 🇧🇯 or Togo 🇹🇬 (Nigeria 🇳🇬 as an open option): change management, digital transformation, marketing or general management… Contact-me here or LinkedIn.
  • Helping a friend setting up her Men’s clothes shop.
  • Managing digital marketing for friends such as Steve Shehan.
  • Had a very interesting job interview.

Now on the blog

I don’t write often. But I do post some interesting or fun stuff. You wouldn’t want to miss it, right?

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