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(Update: 11/8/2022)

tl;dr – I left France in 2016 (after a burnout and a depression) and am now living near Cotonou in Benin, a country I started visiting in 2009 to produce music (Brass Bands mainly). When I moved, I stopped working in the “musicbiz”, and started evaluating new business opportunities with my Beninese wife. When she died in 2019, I went back to my consulting job, but towards Sub-Saharan Africa, Francophone mainly.

Future is now


Abomey-Calavi, Bénin Rep.

Professional title

Independant Consultant / Freelance

What do you do?

Help African businesses and startups in Change Management & Digital Transformation. Remotely during this pandemic, of course…

Need help? Contact me here.


Updating this blog, trying to write, listening to African Music
Cooking (you should try my “Beninese pizza” with Peulh cheese aka wagachi!) and fighting Malaria from time to time…

And right now?

Old stuff

  • Still doing some digital marketing / webmastering for friends such as Steve Shehan and a few others.
  • 2 blog posts in French, part 1 & part 2, about digital transformation management in Africa: “Réaligner le développement digital de l’Afrique sur ses besoins réels”.
  • Posting on my Music Education
  • Helped a friend for her Men’s clothes e-shop.
  • Did a few AMAs on Twitter, trying to help Beninese wannabe entrepreneurs.
  • Publishing content around entrepreneurship in French here.
  • Using Revue for a new way to push my newsletter.
  • Published 3 posts (in French) on the future of telecoms in Africa, mainly about MVNOs : 123
  • Finished my “Blockchain 101” posts: part 3, part 4 & part 5.
  • Launched a Web3Now website, to publish tweets, memes, links… on our cryptofuture… Ongoing process…
  • Translated to French a post by Amy Castor & David Gerard on the crypto crash.
  • Removed Google Analytics from all my blogs and moved to Matomo Analytics “on premise”… This means less tracking and more privacy when you visit my digital presence.
  • Finished writing my first fiction soap opera/serial (10 episodes) “Seconde Chance“.
  • Was interviewed for a Senegalese radio (in French).
  • Started 2 new series on the blockchain ecosystem, the NFT scam and the various problems around the use of energy & cryptocurrencies.
  • Started a Crypto/Web3 dictionary in French. 4 parts are already online: assets, value, money and fraud and scams. Each one contains many/multiples entries. More to come…
  • Wrote the 2 first posts about Africa and cryptos. One has been translated to English.

Future & ongoing…

  • Started a long blog post on the future we’re heading to post-COVID19 (Yes, I know it’s not over yet…).
    3 parts are already online: 123 – there’s a 4th and final post to come…
  • Updating the African Music Forum when I find music I feel (more than 2000 posts as of today…)
  • Looking for opportunities mainly Remote 🌍 , in Bénin 🇧🇯 or Togo 🇹🇬 , in areas such as change management, digital transformation, marketing or general management…
    Contact-me here or via LinkedIn.
  • As the whole Blockchain/Web3/Cryptos/NFTs madness is fading away, there’s less to write IMHO. Have a few posts to finish…
  • Closed my eShop & crowdfunding site and created a Patreon.
  • Working on posts about Digital Transformation, with Africa’s future as the main focus.
  • Due to what’s happening over @ Twitter, am spending more and more time on Mastodon, which I first joined in 2019. Follow me over there if you’ve moved (even part-time) too.

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