Now is a page (like the about or contact ones) , where I describe what I’m doing/working on « now »…

(Update: 6/17/2022)

tl;dr – I left France in 2016 (after a burnout and a depression) and am now living near Cotonou in Benin, a country I started visiting in 2009 to produce music (Brass Bands mainly). When I moved, I stopped working in the « musicbiz », and started evaluating new business opportunities with my Beninese wife. When she died in 2019, I went back to my consulting job, but towards Sub-Saharan Africa, Francophone mainly.

Future is now


Abomey-Calavi, Bénin Rep.

Professional title

Independant Consultant / Freelance

What do you do?

Help African businesses and startups in Change Management & Digital Transformation. Remotely during this pandemic, of course…

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Updating this blog, trying to write, listening to African Music
Cooking (you should try my « Beninese pizza » with Peulh cheese aka wagachi!) and fighting Malaria from time to time…

And right now?

Old stuff

  • 2 new blog posts in French, part 1 & part 2, about digital transformation management in Africa: « Réaligner le développement digital de l’Afrique sur ses besoins réels ».
  • Posting on my Music Education
  • Helped a friend for her Men’s clothes e-shop.
  • Did a few AMAs on Twitter, trying to help Beninese wannabe entrepreneurs.
  • Publishing content around entrepreneurship in French here.
  • Using Revue for a new way to push my newsletter.
  • Launched an eShop & crowdfunding site (in French mainly) to help support the work in progress on my idea/project.
  • Published 3 posts (in French) on the future of telecoms in Africa, mainly about MVNOs : 123

Future & ongoing…

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