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George Clooney covered…

George Clooney covered” for W Magazine’s annual Art Issue in Yayoi Kusama‘s famous designed dots.

George Clooney covered W Magazine's annual Art Issue

George Clooney covered

From the magazine issue:
“The cover sees the Hollywood heartthrob wearing an Armani suit and shoes as customised by the reclusive Japanese artist Kusama who is renowned for her obsession with dots. But before you think that the connection is completely random, just as with Kusama herself, there is indeed method in the spotty madness.”

“He says that Kusama turned him into Snoopy. ‘But I must say,’ he continued, ‘I’m proud to be Snoopy! Ultimately, what I’m trying to do with a director – or, I guess, an artist – is to be of service to them and their story.'”

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