Endless Stream of Caffeinated Goodness

Much like the endless stream of caffeinated goodness you see in the Cinemagraph above, your creative stream doesn’t have an end. You may think it does, but you’re wrong.

Creativity isn’t in short supply. It’s endless too.

There are dry patches where maybe the Creativity runs thin, but it never ends. Your brain is always working, creating new synapses, learning new things, experiencing new experiences and with all this new data will always come new ideas.

Here’s the catch: if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

When creativity strikes, you need to act. Follow through with that new idea and throw it against a wall. If it sticks, run with it. If it doesn’t stick, prepare for the next one. 

Don’t horde ideas. Share them freely and see what happens. Now go do some work!

Via Dustin W. Stout

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