Music & recycling…

When sustainable design or just personal needs allow to build instruments by recycling objects or materials…

Drum Kit

drums - recycling
Unknown origin


Socklo and Almaz are guitar makers from Kinshasa in the DRC, who use scraps and found material to make the most beautiful ones.

A hand-cranked turning machine serves to make guitar strings from bicycle brake wire coiled with copper filament which has been recycled from old engines and dynamos.

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Recycling from Kinshasa streets, to create instruments used in electronic music…

Steve Shehan

My friend Steve Shehan was part of an event in France called « La Note Verte » in a sustainable school. The objective was to create musical instruments by recycling various objects and material. Of course, there was a gig at the end of the workshop…

recycling and sustainable music
Likembe from recycled food cans

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