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Living « outside »… awesome « place »

Credit: mnfx

Update: check the comment I posted below…

OK, now’s the time to tell you the truth: this isn’t a real place… it’s an 1/12th scale miniature model for a marketing campaign…


And NO, you can’t have your wedding here!!!

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My best G+ posts

Joie de vivre… (NSFW)

This fun photo, described as « Joie de vivre », shot in Le Louvre in Paris, in front of the famous Henri Regnault’s « Three Graces » painting was posted on Facebook by Jim Harris. The next day it had been removed due to violation of FB community standards, probably driven by complaints, although the reactions from people were overwhelmingly positive.

Joie de vivre

Jim asks then this question : Whose community? Whose standards?

Let’s test reactions here on Google+, as probably there are potentially less kids than over @ FB.

If you feel this is worth sharing, as I do, please send to your circles.

Adding some people who might offer thoughts on this : Rodney Pike / Guy Kawasaki / Guy Birenbaum / Chris Brogan / Hugh MacLeod / JD Andrews / Ben Kunz / Denis Labelle / Nina Paley / Franke James / Trey Ratcliff

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