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Bugle Call Rag

« Bugle Call Rag« , also known as « Bugle Call Blues », is a jazz standard written by Jack Pettis, Billy Meyers and Elmer Schoebel. It was first recorded by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings in 1922 as « Bugle Call Blues », although later renditions as well as the published sheet music and the song’s copyright all used the title « Bugle Call Rag ».


Filmed May 23, 1933, Bessie Dudley and Florence Hill show how to move to Duke Ellington’s music. Both Dudley and Hill were Cotton Club dancers, though this was not filmed at the Cotton Club.

Duke Ellington au piano

Benny Goodman Version

The Swing Era 1936-1937

Cab Calloway Version

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Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home

If you like Coltrane or Pharoah Sanders you’ll enjoy this « long » piece of saxophone by Kamasi Washington (14 minutes!).

Jazz with a sensible Afrobeat and EthioJazz touch.

When I first posted this track at the time Kamasi Washington’s album « The Epic » was released in 2015, a commenter wrote: « NOT LONG… but too short… he is wonderful…« 

Kamasi Washington - Heaven & Earth

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More on his channel.

Latest release


Some Frank Zappa feelings in there…