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Above: Elena Kalis – Underwater Photography

Underwater sculptures

Jason de Caires Taylor

underwater sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor MRSS (b.1974) is an award winning sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. For the past 16 years, Taylor has been creating underwater museums and sculpture parks beneath the waves, submerging over 1,100 living artworks throughout the world’s oceans and seas.

Themes explored by these artistic installations include, among others, the climate emergency, environmental activism, and the regenerative attributes of nature. The sculptures create a habitat for marine life whilst illustrating humanity’s fragility and its relationship with the marine world.

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Design, art, etc


Manhattan Town House – Living Room Pool

« The 15-by-30-foot pool is eight-feet deep and was installed in 1975 by previous owners. The pool level has a brick wall and is surrounded by granite flooring and living-room furnishings. » More info

BigFoot Pool?

Bigfoot print?

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