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Copying is Not Theft…

It’s time to post this again: Copying Is Not Theft!

The arguments we’ve seen for many years, erroneously call copying « theft » in this digital age.

All Creative Work Is Derivative

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In some countries (looking at you, USA – but EU has many problems too), Copyright is automatic and there’s no way to opt out. But you can add a license granting some of the permissions copyright automatically takes away.
Creative Commons, the most widespread brand of license, allows its users to lift various restrictions of copyright one at a time. But, that’s your choice to use it or not.

Copyright as incentive to create (copying is not theft)

Nina Paley created Mimi & Eunice too, and used them to explain a few concepts around copyright…


Rock & Blues music designs

« Old » music designs: Rock, Blues… with multiple influences.

Enjoy the guitars…

CybearSonic was a company I managed (subsidiary of Cybear SAS). We worked on sound designs, music designs, voices… It had its own published catalog (Sacem in France).

There are more samples on the Soundcloud and YouTube channels.