Rock & Blues music designs

« Old » music designs: Rock, Blues… with multiple influences.

Enjoy the guitars…

CybearSonic was a company I managed (subsidiary of Cybear SAS). We worked on sound designs, music designs, voices… It had its own published catalog (Sacem in France).

There are more samples on the Soundcloud and YouTube channels.

CybearSonic Marketing

Love football (soccer)?

This track will transport you to a football (soccer) stadium in Europe, watching a game and feeling the atmosphere…

This is an unreleased sound/music design created for a real reknown French football team (Center-East of France), as part of a marketing and /branding campaign.

The people you hear were recorded on field.

And yes, there’s hurdy-gurdy (vielle à roue) and bagpipes…

Disclaimer: CybearSonic was a subsidiary of my marketing & communications agency in France.

Football & street art

CybearSonic Music

Yiri Yiri Bom – covers and Gnonnas Pedro

I live in Benin, where the famous singer Gnonnas Pedro lived. He made his version of this song quite famous, by delivering a great cover of it (see end of post).
Disclaimer: I tried to launch a local Tribute Band with one of his sons, Gilles Gnonnas, a few years ago…

This song was composed by Silvestre Méndez (1926-1997)

Benny Moré (original)

Brésil – Filhos de Jorge

Ska Cubano – Dancehall Mix

Live version by Eliades Ochoa

Gnonnas Pedro – Yiri Yiri Boum

Tribute Band with Gilles Gnonnas