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Beautiful Lego (books)

Internationally acclaimed LEGO artist Mike Doyle is known for his stunningly realistic, grand-scale designs. Contact, the majestic fantasy cityscape featured on Beautiful Lego book’s cover, uses more than 200,000 bricks. His award-winning Abandoned House series has been showcased at Gallery1988 in LA and now has a home in Boston’s Museum of Realist Art. When not constructing unique LEGO art, Doyle works as a graphic designer.

Beautiful Lego - Wild!

Mix hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks with dozens of artists, and what do you get? Beautiful LEGO, a compendium of LEGO artwork that showcases a stunning array of pieces ranging from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects and famous monuments to imaginative renderings of spaceships, mansions, and mythical creatures.

You’ll also meet the minds behind the art. Interviews with the artists take you inside the creative process that turns simple, plastic bricks into remarkable LEGO masterpieces.

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Books Design, art, etc

A beautiful Mother Book

The Mother Book was created by ad agency Dentsu in partnership with Kishokai Medical Corp. Each page allows the mother to make note of memories and emotions.

The Mother Book is a pregnancy diary. It mirrors the 40 weeks spent nurturing a baby inside the mother’s womb.

40 weeks – 40 pages for explaining & keeping memories of pregnancy.

Through its elaborated design, this handcrafted book reveals the changing shape of a woman’s body with the help of topographical cutouts.

Mother book animated

The book won several design awards, including a Clio Award and the first-ever Health and Wellness Grand Prix at the 2014 inaugural Cannes Lions Health Festival.