Life’s too short for the wrong job

Campagne publicitaire en Allemagne pour un site de recrutement en ligne : « Das Leben ist zu kurz für den falschen Job ». (2011)


Creative ads

Header: Precision Parking by Volkswagen or how to sell more optional equipment with new cars…


Creative ad - BMW


Creative ad - BIC razor

Creative 100th anniversary by Oreo

Oreo – « Milk’s best friend »

Oreo - milk's best friend

See Lego creative ads.

Advertising Design, art, etc

Imagine: Lego official ads (or not)

Imagine (campaign)

This Lego ad campaign is based on minimalist representations of iconic/popular cartoon characters.

If well done, this isn’t a new idea… It all started with abstract pixel art.

Minimalist ads

When watching kids play with their creations, the feeling is exactly this. These minimal designs clearly reflect how they view their world.

Unofficial ad

Lego unofficial ad
(c) unknown

Mona Lisa through the prism of Lego bricks…

The Lego story

For its 80th birthday, the company created this nice 3D animated short film…

More creative ads