An effervescing elephant

An effervescing elephant / With tiny eyes, and great big trunk / Once whispered to the tiny ears / The ears of one inferior / That by next June he’d die, oh yeah!

Effervescing Elephant was pastiche of the verse form of Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales for Children.

In contrast to some of Syd Barrett‘s other songs mentioning one or two animals, Effervescing Elephant contains references to a whole jungle full of animals. The video he made for it is pretty sad and depressing, and rarely seen, so here you go!


« Sugar Chile » Robinson, piano prodigy

« Sugar Chile » Robinson was born Frank Isaac Robinson in 1938 in Detroit. A child prodigy at the age of two, he worked with Lionel Hampton and Frankie Carle (both master pianists themselves) and performed for President Truman at age seven.

He appeared in the movie « No Leave, No Love » and scored two R&B hits in 1949, including « Caldonia ».

He stopped recording in 1952 to concentrate on academics.

With Count Basie


Music Education

Nina Hagen – Wau Wau (1979)

Tiré de l’album « Unbehagen » de 1979, encore un titre épique de Nina Hagen !

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