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Beautiful (digital) Piano Designs

From the Whaletone to an incredible grand piano made of Lego bricks, via the 2015 Roland awards


Designed by Robert Majkut, Whaletone is an advanced digital stage piano that combines high-end musical components with the exquisite beauty of form – spectacular yet elegant, monumental, yet dynamic.

It is an interpretation of the shape of a classic grand piano in the language of modern design. Inspired by the majestic beauty of marine mammals, it is a unique fusion of greatness and subtlety.

A real breakthrough, designed for both stage and private performances, fully bespoke, Whaletone by Robert Majkut was created to meet the requirements of both music and design lovers. It’s a dream of excellence that came true.

Awards by Roland (2015)

Amber Unleashed - Rebekah Winegarner

Winners/awards of the Roland Corporation Digital Piano Design Awards

Beautiful Lego Grand Piano

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