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Against torture


Images from a 2014 communication campaign launched in Belgium by Amnesty International (FR) against torture.

The message was “under torture, you’ll tell anything you’re asked to

Iggy Pop against torture

Iggy Pop‘s image against torture: “The future of Rock’n’Roll is Justin Bieber.”

There’s a Karl Lagerfeld version too and a few parodies… You can find them on Google if needed…

The DalaĂŻ Lama’s image, stating that “a man who doesn’t own a Rolex watch when 50yo is a loser” created some controversy and was removed from the active campaign.

Au dĂ©but de la campagne, l’une des affiches faisait appel Ă  une image du HH DalaĂŻ Lama, image qui a trĂšs largement circulĂ© sur internet. Bien qu’elle ne visait en rien celui-ci, bien au contraire, elle a fortement heurtĂ© un certain nombre de croyants. Elle fut retirĂ©e des supports digitaux afin de ne pas heurter ces personnes et distraire l’attention du public du vrai objectif de cette campagne : dĂ©noncer la torture.

Read the comments below for some perspective on the subject…

6 replies on “Against torture”

I think that philosophically the problem is more complicated. 

Are we talking about torture as an end or as means? 

As an end it is a monstrosity, undoubtedly. 

As means that depends on the context and issues. 

Torture is condemned as an end and as means when used without a context or an issue that transcend the horror inherent to the process. 

Of course this leaves few cases where torture is legitimate, but it is still leaving some. 

Thus, those cases are the ones that can open to long debates… but I don’t have the feeling Amnesty is speaking about those specific cases, just torture as an end or when context and issues can’t justify its use. And on this point, I hope, everybody is ok.

So what is this really about ? That’s the question !

(I’m not sure in English, but it French this is good word play as “la question” is a synonymous of torture…).

To be completely honest I don’t even know what they mean, what does rock n roll have to do with jb and what do these two have to do with torture? And above all torture barely even exists in Belgium so… I don’t get it.

Ivan Mashchenko trust me it’s not one of the best countries in the world, one of the safest maybe but definitely not one of the best. (And maybe educationally one of the best)

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